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Machine Embroidery Fonts and Lettering Designs

Instantly Download Fonts, Monograms, Alphabets, and Applique Designs

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Madelaine Font
Engraved Monogram
Entwined Monogram
Exquisite Monogram
Fishtail Monogram
Kiddy Monogram
Kringle Monogram
Script Monogram
Tweeny Monogram
Octagon Monogram
Zebra Monogram
Curlz Applique
Farmer Applique
Ginger Applique
Greek Applique
Jubilee Applique
Pitstop Applique
Radical Applique
Toyshop Applique
Wilber Applique
Addison Font
Alleyoop Font
Angelica Font
Antique Font
Arial Font
Aristocrat Font
Aristotle Font
Briquet Font
Castle Font
Chalk Font
Charming Font
Chuck Wagon Font
Classic Font
Cocoa Font
Cooper Font
Cricket Font
Curly Font
Curlz Font
Designer Font
Disney Font
Dots Font
Dugout Font
Edwardian Font
Flirty Font
Flowers Font
Frenchscript Font
Funky Font
Gambler Font
Giddyup Font
Go Team Font
Greek Font
Groovie Font
Gypsy Font
Jungle Font
Kaleigh Font
Karate Font
Klipper Font
Kristen Font
Langley Font
Love Font
Lucinda Font
Lucinda Calligraphy Font
Molly Font
Monster Font
Paris Font
Phantom Font
Quilian Font
Rascal Font
Sarah Font
Scratch Font
Silly Font
SilverBell Font
Sixties Font
Skittles Font
Sports Font
Stylish Font
Tickle Font
Tinkertoy Font
Wedding Font
Weird Font
Whimsy Font
Whitford Font
Wiggles Font
Zainey Font
Zulu Font

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't forget to check the "Directions" and "Payment Info" Sections for additional helpful information.

What email address is the Download Code sent to?
The Download Code will be sent to your primary Paypal email address if you process your payment using your Paypal username and password. If you do not have a Paypal account, and/or you opt to send payment either without signing up for one or without using your PayPal account, then the Download Code will be sent to the email address indicated when completing your credit card information.

How soon will I receive the Download Code?
You can expect to receive the Download Code within a minute or two following payment completion when you make payment with either a credit card or funds from your PayPal account. When you make payment with an eCheck (funds from a checking account), the transaction will be held as pending until the electronic funds transfer clears your bank and the PayPal System. Therefore, designs purchsed with use of an echeck will not be delivered to your email address for 3 - 4 business days!

What exactly will I receive?
The email you receive will include a secret code within it that you will use to download your font. You will need to retrieve this "Download Code" from the email and return to to download the font. Click on the "Download Purchase Here" icon located on the left side of the page, enter your Download Code and save the font to your computer. The file you download is zipped (compressed). It will need to be unzipped (decompressed, extracted) before the fonts can be utilized. If you do not have a means of unzipping the file, you can download a free evaluation version of WinZip for this purpose at Once the files are unzipped, you will have a collection of individual files in the format you selected. Each file contains a single character. These files can then be transferred to your embroidery machine and used like any other files of the same format which you should be accoustomed to.

How can I determine which format I need?
Download a free sample character. The free sample characters include all formats offered by EmbroideryFontShop. You can then experiment with the different formats to determine which one works with your embroidery system. You can also review the instruction manual which came with your embroidery system or contact your dealer to review compatible formats. Please be certain of the format compatible with your system prior to purchasing. Due to the electronic nature of these designs, EmbroideryFontShop can not offer a refund in the event you purchase an incompatible format.

Do the files contain hoops, and if so, what size?
Hoops are embedded within the font design files. Font designs 64mm (2.5 inch) in height and smaller have been placed on hoops commonly referred to as the "4 X 4". Fonts larger than 64mm (2.5 inch) often will not fit on a 4 X 4 hoop due to the width and ornamentation associated with each font. In these cases, the 4 X 4 hoop is used if possible. However, fonts larger than 64mm (2.5 inch) are typically placed on medium hoops. Hoops differ slightly in size depending upon the format and have been chosen based on compatibility with the format.

I have a Discount Code but, how do I use it?
The Discount Code should be submitted for validation before adding items to your Shopping Cart. You can do this by clicking on the "Discount Code" button shown above on the left side of this page. Enter the code and click Submit.

What is the verison of the .ART formats?
Versions 3.0 and 4.0 are both included. If you need a version older than 3.0, you can receive a free software upgrade from your Bernina Dealer as an alternative. This would allow you to use the version 4.0 .ART files.

What is an echeck?
An eCheck is an electronic funds transfer that withdraws money directly from your bank account. It's just like writing a check, only it is done electronically. When you send money with an eCheck, the transaction will be held as pending for 3-4 business days, until the electronic funds transfer clears your bank. The eCheck can not be used unless you have, or sign-up for, a PayPal account. Usually, the eCheck is only useful for those individuals that would like to use funds from a checking account which is not associated with their Paypal account. With an eCheck, payment is not finalized until funds clear your bank. Therefore, Download Codes for designs purchased with use of an echeck will not be delivered to your email address for 3 - 4 business days.

I purchased a font but, why have I not yet received my Download Code?
Occasionally the email, which provides you the ability to download the font, is delivered to your email address "bulk" folder instead of your "inbox". This folder is typically used to store spam which you normally do not want in your inbox. If you did not receive an email from in your inbox, check your bulk folder (if you have one). Please also set your spam filter or firewall to accept mail from

This can also result from using an eCheck (funds from your bank account) within the PayPal system. With an eCheck, payment is not finalized until funds clear your bank. Files will be sent to you automatically as soon as the eCheck clears your bank.

I still have questions how can I get further support?
Email Me

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